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San Diego-based photographer Dennis Mock, who specializes in providing professional business headshots for individuals, corporate teams, and staff portraits. With his expertise and attention to detail, Dennis can help you create a visual representation of yourself and your team that truly captures your professionalism and personality.

About Dennis

He has been recognized and awarded by several photography associations like Professional Photographers of San Diego County (PPSDC), Professional Photographers of California (PPC), and Professional Photographers of America (PPA). 

Additionally, he has also been honored by prestigious companies such as Kodak, where he was awarded the Silver Gallery, and Fuji Films, where he was given the Masterpiece Award.



Have a great experience with Dennis Mock. With his help, you’ll be able to find the perfect pose. Remember to exude confidence and approachability in your photos!



Express Session with 15 minutes to capture the perfect shot. One Outfit. We’ll provide you with one professionally retouched digitals. The total cost for the package is $175.


Our Studio is located in the heart of the Rancho Penasquitos area, San Diego 92129. By appointment only, be sure to schedule your session in advance.

Add a digital background to your photo

Adding a digital background to your photo can really enhance its appearance, giving it a brand new look and feel.

We can add a digital background which can completely change the white background of your photo.

You can choose from a outdoor scenes that are out of focus, or office backgrounds that give your photo a professional look.

Frequently Asked Questions

When preparing for a headshot, it’s best to choose neutral colors and darker tones for at least one outfit. It’s also a good idea to opt for solid fabrics and longer sleeves. Layer textures and accessories to create a unique look, and for your second or third outfit, feel free to experiment with some bright colors and patterns. Keep your makeup and hair natural, and avoid trying a new hairstyle or extra makeup just before your portrait. Remember, less is usually more! Read our lastest blog post

To prepare for a professional headshot session, it’s important to take care of a few things beforehand. First, make sure to get a good night’s sleep and stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water. It’s also a good idea to choose your outfit ahead of time and make sure it’s clean and pressed. Additionally, consider getting a haircut or trim at least a week before the session to give your hair time to settle. Practicing posing and facial expressions in the mirror can also help you feel more comfortable and confident during the session. Finally, arrive at the session early to allow time to get settled and comfortable before the photoshoot begins.

Here’s a recent Blog post on the Ultimate Eras Headshot requirements


When posing for a professional headshot, remember a few things. First, focus on your posture. Stand up straight and avoid slouching, as this can make you appear less confident and less professional. Next, pay attention to your chin. Tilt it slightly down and towards the camera to avoid a double chin and create a flattering angle for your face.You should also relax your shoulders and keep your arms slightly away from your body, as this can help you look more open and approachable. Another important tip is to make eye contact with the camera and smile naturally, which can help you appear friendly and engaging.

Shooting outdoors or on-location can add a unique and natural feel to the photos.  


At the San Diego Workplace

Our mobile Studio is perfect for capturing large-volume headshots with ease and convenience right in your conference room. We’ll bring all the lighting and backdrop equipment necessary to set up a photo shoot area and take stunning photos of your entire team.

This is a great chance to provide everyone on your team with a high-quality, professional headshot that they can use on LinkedIn, Twitter, or as promotional material for your company. Here’s a blog post “On What to Wear to your Headshot Session:


Are you getting the Team together in San Diego?


Mobile Studio

We can provide mini headshot sessions for your team. Dennis will be there to guide and coach each person to get the perfect pose. .

Background Options

You can choose from a range of background options such as studio white, grey, or your workspace. You can always add a digital background.


Team prices are based on the number of people plus one retouched image. The cost is $125 per member with a minimum of 4 persons or $500 minimum charge.

Team headshots are about consistency and great expression

Events Headshot Station

Well, have you heard about the Headshot Lounge EXPERIENCE? It’s a great way to draw a crowd, capture leads, and promote your brand all at the same time.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to make a lasting impression on potential clients and partners!

Conferences + Tradeshows

Dennis Mock Photography is the go-to provider for conference attendee headshots at the San Diego Convention Center and other top hotels in the area. 

Are you looking for ways to attract more people to your Expo Booth?

Have a great experience with Dennis Mock! He’s known for making the whole process super fun and enjoyable.

Dennis will be there to assist each person in finding the perfect pose so that they look their best.

Keep the line moving, he is able to take portraits of up to 30 people per hour (but he can do even more if needed!)

Base Pricing: Starting at $2,000 +

Each person will get their own idividual gallery, they can download them all.

Thanks to his speedy online gallery, you’ll see your fabulous new headshots in just two days.

And if you want to add some extra polish, Dennis offers retouched images for just $25 each, which is a total steal. Attendees can purchase.

Upgrade: INSTANT DELIVERY! This means there will be zero admin work for you afterward; we will handle everything, and everyone will have their images within a minute of being photographed.

Got questions, let’s chat? Call Text 858-722-5573

San Diego business headshot photographer
San Diego Convention Center Attendee Headshots by Dennis Mock Photographer.

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