What should I Wear to my Headshot Session?

When preparing for a headshot, it’s best to choose neutral colors and darker tones for at least one outfit. It’s also a good idea to opt for solid fabrics and longer sleeves. Layer textures and accessories to create a unique look, and for your second or third outfit, feel free to experiment with some bright colors and patterns. Here’s a post on what to wear from Indeed.


Here’s a Client note that I send to “New Hires” about What to Wear for your Headshots. “It’s always important to make a good first impression, and dressing professionally can definitely help with that. I think the suggestion of wearing a black, navy, or grey blazer with a light-colored shirt is a great idea, especially for men if they add a tie. It’s also a good call to avoid patterns, bright colors, worn clothing, low necklines, and flashy jewelry to keep the focus on your professional image”. Thanks again for sharing the message!

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What should I do to prepare for a professional headshot session?

It’s essential to take care of a few things in advance:

  1. Ensure you get plenty of rest and stay hydrated by drinking enough water.
  2. Choose your outfit ahead of time and make sure it’s clean and ironed. Trimming your hair at least one week before the session is also a good idea to have time to settle. You can practice your posing and facial expressions in front of the mirror to feel more confident during the session.
  3. Arrive at the session early to allow enough time to get settled and comfortable before the photoshoot begins.
  4. Keep your makeup and hair natural, and avoid trying a new hairstyle or extra makeup just before your portrait. Remember, less is usually more!
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