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Location Location Location …. Dennis Mock photographer wants to tell your Family Story :

San Diego has some many wonderful backgrounds starting with Balboa Park with is grand architecture, gardens, trees and fountains. 

San Diego Family Beach Sessions: Do you love sunsets? My favorite spots are La Jolla Windansea Beach, La Jolla Scripps Pier, Coronado and Del Mar.  

The Everyday Session : How do you spend your Saturdays? No Rules Just Be.

Extended Families :  Bring the grandparents bring the dog!

La Jolla Windansea Beach

San Diego maternity photos at the beach in La Jolla

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Let’s remember your family. Your family has a Story to Tell. These photos will not be your standard look at the camera and “say chesse” type photos. As long as you know that going into the session and trust me, your session will go amazing!

You will walk away with interactive family moments that you will cherish forever. There are so many times where we say, “gosh, I wish I had someone here to capture how we are acting as a family right now.” Well, now you do!

With a little help planning what to wear, what activities to get genuine reactions out of your kids, this session will be incredible and one you will cherish forever.

western dressed family photograph on a nature trail in San Diego san diego family portraits in Balboa park extended family shoot


Don’t worry! We we be planning this together. The very FIRST thing I need for you to do, is start brainstorming about what your family dynamic is like. This will give me an idea of how to guide our session together. 

canvas wall portraits for the home


Many clients worry about not having the “magazine” home.   Keep in mind, that many of the photos of your family I will be taking are of you interacting. What is in the background does not matter. We do not have to use rooms you don’t like of course and we will plan which rooms in your home will best for what we are going for! If you do have a home with fun elements, we will of course use them !


Not sure about what will be fun during your session? I have a few ideas that always go over well with kids and adults alike! Breakfast in bed, make pancakes, cute pj party, messy snack time, bubble party, doll house, tea party, army guy fights, coloring, make cookies, airplane, bubble in the sink. bath time favs, party with your pets, etc.  ~~ playing softball, baseball or a game of hoops. “`Try to brainstorm ideas that YOUR family likes to do!


All I need for you to do is start thinking about outfits, and what “clutter” you would like to keep out or what you would like to clean up. If we have talked about needing any items during your session that are important to your family, have those out and ready before I arrive. Any outfit changes, have out as well. Know that I will take one once I arrive so there is no need to be nervous about the flow of the session! Plan on having lots of fun and being flexible! We all know that kids will be kids and we sometimes just have go with the flow!

framed family portraits for the hiome taken in Balboa Park San Diego


Clothing is always what makes parents the most nervous to plan. Just know that as long as your family is being themselves that is what is the most important. A few general rules of thumb.

  1. Don’t match! No one matches in real life, so don’t start on picture day.
  2. Minimal outfit changes for kids. They don’t like it, so try to keep it to 1 change, if any.
  3. Wear something you can move in without worrying about it.


Dressing up the kids is SO much fun. However, do they always like to get SUPER dressed up? If so, go for it! If not, let’s stick with what they typically wear, but a “clean version of it”. Have a t-shirt kid? Find a fun one with minimal things on it that will date the image TOO much (logos, etc). If you are going with clean and minimalistic look, grey, white and taupe all look awesome photos. The biggest decision with clothes and kids is, do you have fun and colorful or do you go clean and neutral. That is totally up to you and your family’s style. Like both?  Grab a fancy fun outfit  for part of the session. Little girls love tutus:) Gran fun hats, layers, etc that will make for fun color pops in your photos. Plus, kids love to play with accessories.

kids playing at Balboa park skipping colors


The biggest thing with choosing what to wear as a parent is, what can you wear and feel good in without worrying that you can’t move well in it. During sessions we will be bending over, throwing kids around, etc. If you are a family that loves bright  colors, go for it! Many moms love to wear jeans while making love to wear maxi dresses. The most important thing with parents is that you compliment your kids. If your children are going to wear fun bright colors, maybe wear something more neutral with color pop. All wearing neutral colors? White dresses are always a hit with moms. Dads are so thrilled when we OK them to wear a grey t-shirt and jeans!

San Diego family beach portraits at La Jolla California


  1. Don’t worry! Things happen. Kids are cranky, dads are cranky, outfits don’t arrive, kids are fighting, it’s OK! The session will still be great.
  2. Have your home ready BEFORE you go to bed. There is nothing more stressful on parents trying to get the house ready in the morning, the same time as kids and themselves!
  3. Have an extra outfit JUST in case of am mishap!
  4. Know during the lifestyle sessions, we capture interaction. You may feel like are not shooting enough but I am capturing things you don’t even realize.
  5. I will probably be moving around the furniture to get the best light! I may need some help .
  6. Tell the kids that morning that a new friend is coming over to play!
  7. Grab some fresh flowers for the session. They make everything better.

San Diego County Fair San Diego family photographer

As always, please reach out with any questions and to book your date. We love the phone so call us at 858-722-5573




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