San Diego LDS Temple Wedding Photographer

San Diego LDS Wedding Photographer

Dennis Mock Photographer loves capturing the first portraits of bride and groom as they come out of the Temple after their sealing as a just married couple.  First I quickly photograph the couple together with a few loving portraits and capture detail shots of their flowers and rings. As they quickly pass me to greet their family and friends, I captured the happening moments. We then gather all for a large extended group photo with the San Diego Temple as the background. From there smaller breakout groups but always keeping an eye for the smaller in-between moments around us.

One or Two Hour Coverages:

Dennis Mock as your personal photographer starting with one hour of coverage at the San Diego Temple $325

ADD a second location like Balboa Park (with it’s grand architecture + gardens), or Windansea Beach in scenic La Jolla. $200

includes beautiful hand-edited images on a usb drive + print release . CA sales tax applies


Jennifer + Sean  

San Diego las wedding cpoule kissing


wedding at the San Diego las temple so much happiness

amazing couple gets married at the San Diego las temple with family and friends pictures by Dennis mock photographer

Wishing you both Love, Laughter and your Happily ever after! – DMP


Ashley+ Michael


“Dennis photographed my daughter’s wedding at the San Diego Temple and then at Balboa Park. He was quick and efficient in taking the couple’s pictures and all the family pictures. Dennis took a variety of photos at the Temple and all around Balboa Park. He was amazing! He knew all the best places to photograph the couple and we were able to get some wonderful pictures. Dennis was great to work with and this photographs are stunning” – Carla

celebrating groom jumping in the air at the San Diego LDS Temple Wedding by Dennis Mock Photography couple posted in front of San Diego LDS Temple formal pose by Dennis Mock Photography

modern wedding couple at LDS Temple in La Jolla CA by Dennis Mock Photography portrait of bride and groom at LDS Temple La Jolla California beautiful in love couple looking at each other at Balboa Park San Diego

black and white timeless portrait of a brides dress in Balboa park from earlier day ceiling at the LDS Temple San Diego Wedding couple madly in love captured in Balboa Park by Dennis Mock Photographer exciting day for this bride and groom as the pose from the baloony at the Prado Balboa Park Weddings formal portrait of the brides family posed in from of the San Diego LDS wedding after their ceremony by Dennis mock photography

Wishing you both a lifetime of adventure and love. Congrats! – Dennis Mock Photography


Are you getting married at the San Diego LDS temple? We work quickly with one to two hour coverages, Often going to a second location with the Bride and Groom. We would love to hear more about the beautiful wedding you are planning. Reach us here in San Diego 858-722-5573. With love, Dennis Mock Photography






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